​What are family dues?

Family dues is an annual fee assessed to each family member. The fee supports our family's operating expenses and helps subsidize costs associated with our annual gathering. 

Why is it important for me to pay dues?

We are a growing family organization with recurring operating expenses and the host of an annual family gathering. Besides time, it takes money to operate this organization and to plan our annual reunion. It is important to pay your dues annually and on time whether or not you plan to attend the family reunion. If you do plan to attend the reunion, your dues must be paid in order to participate in scheduled activities/events.

What if I need financial assistance in order to attend the reunion?

It's important that we continue to gather as a family. Family dues helps those who may want to attend the reunion but financially are unable. If you need assistance, please contact boonefamreunion@gmail.com or contact any board of director.

How much are dues and when should I pay them?

Family dues are due each year by May 31. The new dues structure that was voted and approved during the 2015 Boone Family Reunion business meeting is as follows: 

  • Household of 4 members = $50
    • Additional family member in the household = $10
    • (Example: Willis Boone has a family of 6 living under one roof. He would pay $50 (for the household of 4) + $20 (for the 2 additional members) = $70).
  • Household of 3 members = $36
  • Household of 2 members = $24
  • Household of 1 member = $12
  • Non-Family Member Guest Fee (for ages 6 and older) = $10

​Household is defined as the people in a family or other group that are living together in one house. The age of the person is not a factor. There will be some exceptions. A child away at college would be considered part of the household. If you have grandkids/godchildren/niece & nephews who attend the reunion but their parents are not involved, then include them as part of your household. Everyone should pay dues or a fee whether they are family members or non-family members.

How do I pay? Do you accept credit and debit cards for payment?

You may pay dues by cash, check, money order, bank transfer, credit card or debit card. Credit/debit and bank transfers can be made online via Paypal using the secure form below. You may also complete the online form and mail it with a check or money order made payable to the Boone Family Reunion and mailed to:

Boone Family Reunion, PO Box 732, Randallstown, MD 21133

family dues