Boone family reunion research Resources

The family of Willis and Isabella Boone has been in existence for a very long time. Its ancestors are natives of three continents which include Europe, Africa, and America.

This family had its beginning during the early part of the 19th century. In 1829 a mulatto baby was born. His name was Willis Boone. At this time we have no record of his parents, as he may not have know them himself. At the age of 21, Willis fell in love with a 16 year old Indian girl named Isabella Mayho. It is said that Willis stole Isabella. He put her on his back with a bag of flour and waded across the creek. The couple then married in Granville County, North Carolina on January 21, 1850.

Not long after they married did they have their first child, a baby boy named Alex. We know this couple certainly obeyed God by replenishing the earth with their offspring. It is said that they were parents to twenty-seven children.

At this time we know of only sixteen children born to Willis and Isabella. Of these sixteen children, twelve were married at one time or another and ten became parents. One son named William (Doc) Boone did not marry. Another son went away and did not return, and two children, a girl and a boy, died during infancy. The children we have knowledge of grew up to be strong and healthy. Most of them lived to be in their 80's or 90's. Alex Boone and Susan Boone Wright lived to be over 100 years old. Thomas, the last of their children to die was in his late 90's.

Willis and Isabella, and their children resided in Granville County living just houses away from close relatives. For most of his life, Willis worked as a ditcher. He worked hard everyday to feed and clothe his family. Isabella was a very industrious lady who was outstanding in crafts such as, spinning, weaving, and knitting. Isabella could begin to weave a pair of socks after supper and have them ready for her son to wear to school the next morning. She could put her basket on her head with her thread in it and knit from Granville County all the way to Oxford. It is said that one day Isabella lost her thread. A man found the thread and wound it from that spot to Oxford where he found Isabella still knitting.

Willis and Isabella had a long married life that lasted until the death of Willis in the early 1900's. According to information handed down to us, Isabella died years later at the age of 109.