The Boone Family Reunion proudly embraces the opportunity to award the Dorothy Boone Okeke Memorial Scholarship to a Boone family member who meets the following requirements:

1. You must be an active member of the Boone Family Reunion

2. You must be one or more of the following:

    * High school graduate or must have successfully completed the GED

    * High school student pending graduation in 2015

    * Current undergraduate or graduate student

    * Current student in a trade school

3. You must plan to attend or be in current attendance at a college/university and/or any institute of higher learning

4. You must have financial need

5. You must be involved in community or extra-curricular activities

6. You or your immediate family (i.e. parents/legal guardians) must have contributed the minimum requested amount to the scholarship fund for one year prior to this application and this year.

If you meet the above requirements, we encourage you to apply securely online by completing the form below.

* All Boone family descendants and members who are qualified to apply will be considered fairly.

Boone family reunion Dorothy BOOne Okeke Scholarship